F9P Camo Plate - 4"

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The Camo Plate is a very simple piece of kit born from a desire to have a super quick, totally effortless and extremely affordable way to change the camo pattern on the velcro areas that are attached to so many different kinds of tactical gear.

First created by Chris of TheFull9 when he wanted to add camo to the sleeves of his Crye G3 and AC combat shirts in order to add patterns like Multicam and US Woodland when Crye themselves only stitched on plain coloured velcro. The problems with changing the velcro in the traditional manner are many:

-Finding good tailors who know about military kit and who you can trust with your favourite valuable gear is not easy
-Because there are few of those tailors out there their wait times can be long and they have to charge for their time on top of the raw materials necessary
-The kit you want to alter is then changed forever.

Literally all a camo plate is, is a velcro patch like the morale patches you're already familiar with, but rather than the outside being PVC or embroidered it is another piece of loop (soft/fuzzy) velcro in the camo of your choice.

They are only a few millimetres thick, flexible, incredibly lightweight and take no time at all to apply or move around between different pieces of gear should your tastes ever change.

This 4" version is sized specifically for the main body of the pocket on your combat and field cut shirts. It is designed for Crye garments but will also fit on any exact replicas or other brands which feature loop areas of the same size. You can also fit 1 perfectly to a Spiritus half flap, with 2 fully covering the outside of a Spiritus Chassis or other small chest rig with a 4x8" loop field. Exact measurements are 4" tall by 4" wide so please check with a ruler on the specific item of kit you want to apply your Camo Plate to before purchasing.