Vajra Concepts is a tactical gear & apparel company specializing in customizable, affordable and reliable equipments for both professionals and civilians alike. Established in 2019, Vajra Concepts was born from the
necessity of catering the need of modern and adaptive yet affordable gear in the market to this day, Vajra Concepts constantly pursues the development of how we design and manufactures our products,working closely with end users like Indonesian SOF and LE operators, we are able to gain direct feedback in terms of product design in order to achieve the best possible result in the most cost-effective way, while ensuring we adress our customer's needs, whoever and wherever they are.


  • Where is VTC based?
  • We are based in Indonesia


  • Can you ship to....?
  • We ship worldwide


  • Is every product in stock?
  • Products in this web store are in stock except for consignment items or unless stated otherwise.


  • How long until my order arrive?
  • you order for in stock items will be processed within 7-14 days. shipping will vary depending on your location but normally it takes 2 weeks to arrive to United States with EMS service.


  • Can you do custom orders?
  • for inquiries about custom products, please contact us on our email: cs.vajra@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting us. We are a recently established business collective made up of young people with an interest in tactical gears and clothing. We are always working hard to improve our production capability and quality to fulfill the desire of our customers.