VTC Delta CR 2

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Delta CR 2 consists of 12 Pouches( 1 Covert Document Pocket, 4x 5.56/7.62/5.45 Magazine Cells, 4x Pistol Pouch, 2x Utility Pouches. )

Delta CR2's Rifle Magazines cells are lined up with Velcro loop to accommodate Esstac kywi styled kydex magazine inserts.

Delta CR 2 uses Duraflex and ITW compatible buckles which are interchangeable using the hook and loop attached to the respective webbings to allow user to change between ITW/Duraflex style buckles to G-hooks and any other clips system,

Delta CR2's adjustable clip webbing webbing also allow user to adjust the height/length of buckle for maximum comfort,

Delta CR 2's Rear hook and loop and Swiftclip system allows the Delta CR 2 to fit most of current industry standard plate carriers.

The Delta CR2 package Consists of:

1x Delta CR2 Placard
2x QASM Swiftclip Buckle
4x 1" Buckles
1x "H" Harness
1x  1" Rear Strap
1x  Lower Abdomen Utility Pouch.